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World Book Day 2023: Have young people fallen out of love with reading?

With social media platforms such as YouTube becoming a place for children to easily access all their favourite shows, we wanted to find out if they still enjoy reading or if TV shows have taken over.

Our Sport and Faith Leader Adam, sat down with one of his groups at the end of a session to ask them if they’re excited about World Book Day.

“Books invite me into a world where I can escape,” shared one of the young people he was speaking to.

Nellie explained that books were the first and the last thing she sees in a day.

Adam asked if books are still important to them in this online world of gadgets and phones. All of the young people were quick to reassure him that they absolutely are.

Shona exclaimed that books are really important as they teach a lot through the lessons the heroines and heroes endure.

James said that books made him funnier as he learns and memorises jokes.

Another young person brought out a book that he had been writing about penguins who danced and frolicked on frozen pools of water. For him it was a chance to express himself and express some of the feelings that are difficult to articulate.

It's fair to say that this group are big literature lovers!

So this World Book Day, what could you read? A comic? A Bible? A novel? Whatever it is, pick it up and get started.