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CONNECTing whilst decorating

At Sportily, we're not simply 'all about the sport', ultimately we are seeking to build community.

Our framework for this is our seven spaces model; CONNECT, EAT, EXPLORE, ENCOUNTEER, SERVE, CONTRIBUTE, GROW. Across all our locations we seek to inhabit these spaces throughout our programme.

Just last week there was a great example of our SERVE space in action in Beacon; for the session that week we partnered with the Parish Council to decorate the Pavillion building as a way to serve the community.

In addition to the decorating, Nathan facilitated a space for the young people to take time to wander around the space looking at different pieces of art stuck to the walls. The young people wrote on post-it notes to describe how the pictures made them feel.

Elsewhere we spent time CONNECTing around a campfire, and EATing toasted marshmellows and corn on the cob, whilst EXPLOREing the kind of things that Jesus may have done around a campfire with his friends and family.