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Bushcraft, what is it?

Bushcraft is an activity that’s a little different from everything else we do here at Sportily. 

Sport and Faith Trainee Will is here to talk to us about what it involves.

"It’s unique, and that’s part of what I enjoy about it. It takes us out of our usual environment – whether that’s home, school, or holiday club – and out into the woods, which lends a whole different atmosphere to a session. It’s an opportunity to utilize the nature that’s all around us, although of course you have to be careful to be sustainable – something that bushcraft prioritises."

If you wanted to try Bushcraft at home, it’s actually not as difficult as you might think!

"You need a space to do it in, but that can be as simple as a clear space at the bottom of the garden, a clearing in some trees near your house, anything like that.

There, you can have a look around and find some fallen wood – which is the best way because it means you don’t damage nature!

A great way to start is by building a shelter or den out of logs and using leaves to cover it up – whilst you might get a little cold, you could even spend the night in one of those (I spent a weekend in one once, and it was great fun!).

At Sportily, the most common Bushcraft activity we run is Shelter Building.

In the Forest of Dean, we took a group out and built three different shelters, all for different animals – they need shelters just as much as us!

We built them out of fallen wood, rope, and a sheet – and they all held up! The young people all had a great time getting out into nature, and so did we.

If you’re interested in nature or just fancy a change, why not give it a try?"

We don't currently have any scheduled bushcraft sessions coming up so make sure you keep an eye out for when we have more.

In the meantime, why not do what Will has suggested? Make sure you take photos and tag us in them on social media if you do!