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Flipping fantastic, the batter way to celebrate Pancake Day!

We chatted with Sport and Faith Leader for Forest of Dean, Adam about his thoughts on Pancake Day.

Flour. Eggs. Milk.

Whisk it.

Fry it.

Top it.

Eat it.

That’s the lifecycle of a pancake! A traditional feast from three humble ingredients consumed with sweet or savoury toppings before many give up something for forty days in the lead up to Easter celebrations.

My dog, Champ, holds the (unverified) Guinness World Record for eating a pancake - one pancake day we were making pancakes and my daughter, being just over two years old, wanted to try and flip a pancake, so as I crouched down behind her to assist with a flip, and as we tossed the pancake in the air, up bounced our all-ears English springer, who lept with his mouth wide open to gobble up the pancake which was in midair, in one single glup! From the pan to the tummy in 0.26secs!

Pancake Day, also known by its other name, Shrove Tuesday, is the event that starts getting us ready for Easter. In some Christian traditions, people will give up something as they prepare themselves for Easter, whereas other Christian traditions might begin a new habit; both have the same focus: the aim to bring the person closer to God.

In the lead-up to this Pancake Day, I wonder if you are planning or thinking of giving up something or starting something. A bit like my dog, Champ, he was ready to jump and grab that pancake - have you taken some time to plan what you will do? Here are three simple thoughts to help you get started:

  • Start Small; take small, incremental steps to the bigger goal.
  • Be accountable; tell a friend or family member to help you stick to it.
  • Have Fun; don’t stress the small stuff; if you mess up, laugh and carry on!

And most importantly, plan your pancake toppings wisely! Whether it's classic lemon and sugar, delicious Nutella and banana, or something savoury, Pancake Day is a time to get together with loved ones to enjoy good food and share laughter and joy.